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Not Even Trump Can Break the Justice Department

July 12, 2017, Time.com

A Tribute to Frank Deford 

May 30, 2017, Huffington Post

The Man Who First Fueled Donald Trump’s Paranoid Politics

April 14, 2017, Time.com

Who Is Neil Gorsuch?

February 2, 2017, Prospect Magazine (London)

Trump’s Dance with the Law

January, 2017, Counsel Magazine

What Will the Supreme Court Look Like in a Donald Trump Presidency?

November 11, 2016, The Nation

What Will Trump’s Victory Mean for the Supreme Court?

November 11, 2016, Prospect Magazine (London)

How Trump Will Shape the US Supreme Court

November 10, 2016, London Times

In the Wake of a Trump Triumph, Will the Supreme Court Still Favour the Underdog

November 4, 2016, The Jewish Chronicle (London)

America’s Top Court Is Becoming Dangerously Political

October 26, 2016, The TIMES

Justice Barack Obama?

October 13, 2016, Prospect Magazine (London)

December 4, 2015 Huffington Post.com

The Death Penalty Cases Before the Supreme Court Are a Prelude to a Legal Assault on the Constitutionality of Capital Punishment

June 16, 2015 The Nation.com

Does Religious Freedom Trump Other Constitutional Rights?

April 27, 2015 Huffington Post.com

A Matter of Ethics 

February 4, 2015 Forbes.com

Obama Wasn’t There

January 16, 2015 Forbes.com

Question From China: How Do American Lawyers Bribe U.S. Judges?

November 11, 2014 Forbes.com

The Business of Sex: Have We Come to a New Normal?

September 5, 2014 Forbes.com

If John Gotti Was The ‘Teflon Don’, Then Roy Cohn Was The ‘Teflon Rogue’ 

May 8, 2014 CNN.com

Pistorius’ Cross Examination

July 8, 2014 Forbes.com

Pistorious trial in the U.S.?

May 5, 2014 The Daily Beast

Genovese, Costello And Anastasia: The Decline And Fall Of The American Mafia

April 22, 2014 Forbes.com

Getting at the Truth? Cross-examination is the Crowning Glory of Our Legal System

February 11, 2014 Forbes.com

How a Seasoned Litigator Became a Talk Show Host

August 4, 2013 Forbes.com

Do We Achieve Anything By Arming the Syrian Rebels?

June 19, 2013 Forbes.com

 The Boston Bombers: Follow the Money

April 23, 20013 World Policy Journal

The Obama-Erdogan Conference: Let Us Preach What We Practice

April 16, 2013  Forbes.com

Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013):  A Personal Encounter

April, 8, 2013   Forbes.com

Aaron Swartz’ Suicide Forces Hard Questions About the Criminal Justice System

March 29, 2013    Forbes.com

The Stranger Case of Oscar Pistorius

February 27, 2013  Forbes.com

Gay Marriage Debate Will Bring Ideological War Between Chief Justice Roberts and Obama to the Forefront

January 24, 2013 Forbes.com

True Sparrows or Fake Eagles

January 19,2013 Forbes.com

The Only Way to Disarm Is to Disarm

January 3, 2013 Forbes.com

The End Is At Hand

December 21, 2012 Forbes.com

Does A Military Trial for KSM Make any Sense?

December 2, 2012 Forbes.com

Holder v. Congress: Political Firefight or Legal Contempt

June 22, 2012 Forbes.com

Erdogan’s Turkish Spring: Crosscurrents in the Bosphorus

June 4, 2012 Forbes.com

Why Israel Will Attack Iran

April 6. 2012 Forbes.com

The Year of Uncertainty

December 28, 2011 Forbes.com
A Polemical Rundown of 2001

Should There Be a Statute of Limitations for Presidential Candidates?

November 10, 2011 Forbes.com

The Dominique Strauss-Kahn Affair: To Proceed or Not to Proceed

August 5, 2011 Forbes.com
A Dilemma for the Prosecutor

Spinning the Law: Trying Cases in the Court of Public Opinion

February 4, 2011 Forbes.com
Kendall Coffey’s exciting new book

Sleeping With The Fishes

July 21, 2010 Forbes.com
Trust in our leaders, institutions and one another can be restored, but it must be earned.

Court Rules On ‘Honest Services’ Fraud

June 25, 2010 Forbes.com
Why the Supreme Court voted to limit the controversial law.

Order In The Court

June 08, 2010 Forbes.com
Richard A. Posner’s ”How Judges Think.”

The Lost Art Of Honest Services

May 25, 2010 Forbes.com
What they are and how their deprivation may be criminal.

Cyberwar or surreality?

May 3, 2010, Washington Times
Are we really in a “cyberwar?” Are unidentified enemies scheming to bring down Western civilization with a single keystroke? Or is the whole thing overblown paranoia?

Abdicating on a ‘cyber czar’?

Oct 14, 2009, Los Angeles Times
Cyber attacks are raging. Where’s our general?

Solving The Health Care Quagmire

Aug 20, 2009 Forbes.com
An ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure.

On the brink of failure

Aug 12, 2009, Washington Times
With President Obama meeting with Mexico’s president this week for the second time in four months to discuss guns, drugs and money laundering, the world ponders Mexico’s future.

Stolen e-mail evidence?

July 9, 2009, Washington Times
Kim Philby, the notorious British spy who betrayed his country to the Russians, defined espionage as the collection of “secret information … by illegal means.”

The longest year

Jan 1, 2009, Washington Times
For many, 2008 was an annus horribilis that could not end soon enough.

A Real Memo For The President-Elect

June 03, 2008 Forbes.com
America’s next leader needs to prioritize reforms in education, immigration and innovation in order to recharge America’s global presence.

Close Guantanamo–And Then What?

Apr 29, 2008 Forbes.com
In fact, there may be some real alternatives that won’t damage national security.

Keeping Your Child From Internet Drugs

Apr 17, 2008 Forbes.com
Eight ways to control the sale of illegal drugs, especially to children, online.

Keeping The Internet Drug-Free

Apr 17, 2008 Forbes.com
A credit card and a Web connection are the only requirements to order illegal drugs. So what about your kids?

The Fragile State Of Internet Freedom

Feb 29, 2008 Forbes.com
How a free Web could harm you, now and in the long run.

In Pictures: The Dark Side Of The Internet

Feb 29, 2008 Forbes.com
How a free Web could harm you, now and in years to come.

The Rule Of Law?

Jan 07, 2008 Forbes.com
The box score for 2007 is grim indeed–in all parts of the world.

How To Spy On People

Nov 28, 2007 Forbes.com
The great game in cyberspace can be as simple as tracking your ex-spouse.

Taking down terrorist Web sites

Oct 29, 2007, Washington Times
Thomas X. Hammes is a retired Marine colonel. He is the author of a seminal book on conducting counter-insurgency warfare.

Senator Craig’s Strange Bedfellow

Sep 20, 2007 Forbes.com
Even with the ACLU as a partner, you can’t overlook the evidence.

Berlin: A Crossroads Of The New Europe

Sep 13, 2007 Forbes.com
The modern city in a progressive nation on a united continent is a long way from the Cold War.

Quest for identity in Egypt

Feb 18, 2007, Washington Times
The question whispered in the bazaars and cafes of Cairo these days is who will be the successor to President Hosni Mubarak.

Digital cops and robbers?

Nov 25, 2006, Washington Times
the Internet could become an instrument for crime or terror more potent than the hijacked airplane or the bomb.

Terrorism in the digital age

Dec 5, 2005, Washington Times
It is an irony of the digital age that technology has aided the security forces in detecting and thwarting terrorist operations and has helped terrorists do their evil.

Blackstone on Gutbucket

October 6, 1966, The Reporter